Kildare County Council

Kildare co council bench

Client: Kildare County Council, Co.Dublin.
Date: 2020 – 2022
Task: Supply & Installation of Sash Windows at Maynooth Library / Supply and Installation Park Benches at numerous sites for Public Parks Division.


Kildare County Council is the authority responsible for local government in the county of Kildare. One of the council’s responsibilities is the maintenance of all the public parks and administration of library services in the county.


Burke Bros Joinery have worked with the council on projects to upgrade facilities under their Libraries and Public Parks divisions. One example is the supply and installation of traditional Georgian Design Sash Windows at Maynooth Library. Our team have also installed joinery works in public parks, playgrounds and built bespoke items like parklets for Kildare County Council.


‘’In terms of reliability, focus on product quality and customer service we have always found Burke Bros Joinery to be of an excellent standard. All of the projects we have partnered on to date have been delivered to a really high standard within our timelines and on budget. The team at Burke Bros Joinery is a real pleasure to work with on projects of all size and scale’ Senior Executive Parks Division, Kildare County Council.